Sadhana > Suffering 

You can say the same words one thousand times and give them all different meaning. You can go back to the most familiar place and not find anything you were looking for. You may one day see your best lover with entirely different eyes. Yesterday, the park was sunny and sweet and today there are too many flies. When you were young you wanted to be an astronaut and now you hardly have interest in planet Earth.

 Circumstances change, we evolve and life is in a constant state of flux. Nothing is really able to last to match that deep craving in your heart. Nothing is built so strong as the desire we all have within to satisfy our longing.  So then you wonder, what is consistent in this mixed up place? If there is nothing out in the world to hold onto…then…? We must totally switch the flip! The one thing that remains steady is the indwelling You. We all have it, that aspect within that is forever watching this transient world unfold. That constant observer and best listener to all our changing ways. They are waiting for you to grow tired of spinning around and around, waiting for your external desires to quiet just enough so you might hear them whisper, calling you deeper within. 

This all sounds so magical, don’t doubt that it is. Then how to take this magic and apply it to a better way of being in this world we are so wrapped up in? Because let’s face it, our relationship with the world is the one we are most invested in. The one we ponder our role within more often than any other. Practicality is our relationship to the world. Spirituality is our relationship with our Selves. We spend our lives trying to increase status within our position in the outside world, yet how much time goes into cultivating relationship with our own true Selves? If there really are 24 hours in a day, shouldn’t we devote at least a fraction of them in connecting to the one thing we now understand as permanent? The one aspect in this ever-flowing universe that isn’t actually designed to elude us?

In the science and philosophy of Yoga, we refer to spiritual practice as sadhana. This can include infinite things…breathing as you twist and bend and hold steady on a mat, sitting in meditation, repeating positive affirmation again and again and again. It could be writing, dancing, singing or crying. One day it may be walking amongst the trees, and the next, sitting quietly with only your breath. Who is to tell you what most connects you, with You? What matters is that you find out, that the idea of connecting and growing with your own steadiness motivates you daily. Because the outside world is not slowing down, not in the least, and more and more people are getting tripped up by stuff that isn’t even real. The significance of a daily sadhana is more important now that ever. Wouldn’t you feel more equipped to navigate the twists and turns of this planet if you were rooted in truth and permanence? Wouldn’t you be a better friend/parent/person/employee if you had something to hold you sure as times got tough? And they will get tough, it’s a part of the game. Sadhana is like a shield from the suffering of the illusory world. We’re going to battle together and I want my friends as fellows soldiers. 

Commit to a daily practice that suites your lifestyle and watch as the entire world shifts, from the unshakeable seat within.