Women Yogis of India and Today

There are different ways to build things. Look around at the furniture and walls, road repairs and the structures of the city. Our modern world has evolved so technically that without proper reflection, we might miss what has been woven between buildings, that which truly holds up the walls of ours homes and drives the humanity forward. 

Last night I had the blessing of listening to my teacher share wisdom regarding women Yogis whose inspirations and writings have survived the journey from medieval India and travelled straight into the place that is my wide open heart. These were my friends and my sisters and today they inspire me still. Is this not creation, igniting a spark in your fellow soul’s heart? To build here you must clear out old beliefs and ways of being, you must build a strong foundation and you must be driven by faith in something which you cannot yet see. True invention…My sisters did this. Despite their complete lack of encouragement or education and without even being included in the ways of an outside world, some found way to explore the world that is within. Into the world of mind which ultimately leads to the heart. Every heart has platform from which we might build truth and the most lasting of hopes. I prefer this type of creation…the unseen and subtle unfolding, drawn up as diagrams of the heart. 

Does this sound too elusive to you? The rational mind is strong in some. But what is there to judge when it comes to the ways of the heart, the path to the Divine? We’ll all get there. 

The Yogi is attuned to the ever present play between the masculine and feminine, Shiva and Shakti, that which is stable and that which exists in all of the space inbetween. Femininity in form is elusive. It’s magic works to harmonize that space between discord, to nurture the downtrodden and to warm those who feel forgotten. Women, forever soft and subtle in battle, have birthed every warrior. And should it all come down, the creative principle exists solely with the Universal Mother.     

Trying to envision the lives of women in medieval India and express my thanks and wonder at the fact that some of their messages were preserved despite all odds splits right into my heart. I feel for all of the women who were, and still are, oppressed without even realizing it. My connection to the ones who have broken free and found way back to the real home is everything. For they are me and I fight still for them, for every woman who forgets that the nurturing principle we possess must first be directed towards our own beautiful natures if we are to create the change this world needs.



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