The Decision Maker

When your heart is exploding not much else matters. With the last attack, did you think yours was breaking? Or did you know it was growing? These hearts we have are so commonly referenced in regard to our health, our happiness, our…everything. We try to bond over this universal master and yet the words never seem to be enough. The heart is big, bold and entirely unmatched, while greatly unknown. 

Look at your body, designed with the sole protection of heart in mind; rib cages and mass of muscles covering what is no doubt the centre. And as if that were not enough, we stoop the shoulders and lean the head forward, forbidding the heart to ever lead way in such a messed up world. Left with the mind as master, tension builds physically and each subtle slight is an added twinge. Armour hardens and the spirit sinks. That little light that was meant to shine bright and connect us with the others is now sad and dim. So we look all around following flickers for anything that might ignite a spark bold enough to cause a stir. Maybe when we think we are looking for love, it is only our own dynamite we crave…that which may take down some layer around this precious and completely vulnerable space that we will return to. 

It would seem fair to say that the mind is not equipped to rule the world. It’s rationale and systems of classification have done some good and a whole lot of ridiculous. So lean your head back before keeping on reading, one deep breath into the chest for the brave. Lightly lift the heart, who from here on out we call the ‘Decision Maker’. Ask it how it feels…it may need a few more breaths and an OK to ease up on the armour. Remember, anything perceived as danger could be your dynamite in disguise. Life is only this totally magical string of experiences meant to crack and shatter all things which envelop the potential inside. Give the heart a little room and follow it forward. There will absolutely be resistance and lessons and big time aches. But the key is that now you will so quickly find the others, those with their lights a little bit brighter as well. One heart with a little light and bravery finds their friends without effort, like some kind of law. And here the Decision Maker’s power is doubled, tripled and entirely encouraged by the Truth. Little by little we go on, shedding defences and burdens every day. Eventually with enough support and ease to take leaps into the heart light without care for what awaits and absolutely none for that which is left behind. 

Just ask your heart where it wants to go and I will see you there.