What I Gave, From India

I wish I could tell you all what I learned in India. So I might as well try. I will even share in some form of point form, for those more apt to skim the depths…

  • The value of a single smile. One afternoon while driving, approaching the Himalayas and the River Ganga, I could hardly contain my smiles. I considered briefly trying to hide these spontaneous displays of expression before quickly realizing I could not. So I closed my eyes and turned my face to the window, upon the sun. I smiled so surely for who knows how long, who cares why. That feeling of sitting within my own complete sense of joy stays with me now. It is so important that we do not dull our shine, regardless how potentially dim the environment or how much grime may accumulate upon our surfaces. We must stay bright however and whenever we can. I’d assume the world needs it and it feels really good too.


  • The strength and importance of Sisterhood. On a dark and early morning while driving up a mountain in a van of six or seven women, this lesson hit me deep. We were headed to Shri Kunjapuri Shakti Temple and with each passing minute, the goddesses within were awakening to the possibilities before us. I can hardly remember the specifics of what all was shared inside that van but I know the exchange was deep, so honest and pure. And as much as we all have female friends, love them, need them, sure…I want us all to understand the power generated through sincere and mutual support of the women in our lives. That morning in the van, my body was surprisingly not spinning from the winding mountain road but rather held down firmly by the love and respect of my sisters. I felt that incredible exchange of energy between the group and saw the uplifting effects upon each of us. It was beautiful and so were we. Let’s all act on this principle of truth when surrounded by our sisters. You don’t have to wait for the perfect group or setting, practice now and it will come.


  • When you don’t judge things, you will see a lot more. In India, I could see people on a soul level. This change of perspective allowed their full potential to rise up before my eyes, allowing them to blossom and me to receive the divine and very useful knowledge that they had for me. When we look at people with expectation or judgement, they look quite flat and disappointing and then you might not even remember anything that they told you.


  • Sometimes we don’t see ourselves properly either. Maybe we focus too much on our appearance or image and imagine that what is within is something to be hidden or uncertain of. But one day while walking, I was seen by some very wise and beyond beautiful beings, seen for just what I am and so, so sweetly received by them too. Since then, I can now see my self a little bit more clearly. When we begin to understand what is inside of us and start to identify with this more and more, self doubt and insecurity seem to be the silliest things of all.


  • How good it feels to laugh. And how much laughter becomes me, and all of us no doubt. For as seriously as I take this spiritual journey, laughter is always healing and always worth the time.


  • I am happiest where things grow. Whether this be a spice farm, vast tea fields, deep woods or spiritual gatherings, growing is good. My own existence is meant to and strives to mirror this; continual growth.


  • The power of Faith. On a most magical day and rock, my friend and I prayed side by side. A prayer guided and held by the grace of our Guru and that prayer was absolutely received. And before I could even realize what was happening, I was being granted the blessing of a lifetime. I struggle with conveying the details and am not sure that they matter, so much as I know the point; With sincere intention and faith and guidance, you can go anywhere. Even places that you are told you cannot.


  • Once you see your self clearly, there is nothing left to do but work to share this understanding with the others. No dramas to become involved in, no hardships with which to burden yourself. Nothing but love and learning and sharing. I learn this from my Guru; Most loving, gracious and inspiring man. He is also pretty hilarious and reminds me how to laugh along the way.


  • The value of support. It is priceless and the most important thing I have to offer and to hold. So if you don’t have good support in your life, find them now and fast. They’re waiting, I guarantee it.


When people ask me about my trip, there is so much I wish to tell them. But the words are slow to come and it is better to show them anyway, right?  I have decided to tell people it was the best month of my life, which it was, hands down. It was entirely full of love and learning and to me, that is all it is about.




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