Seeds Planted; A Manual for Care

Imagine your self as a seed, having been planted into this life. Of what would be the quality of your soil? Are you growing freely and wild, competing for the elements of the wilderness or stretching for sun from your pretty pot, awaiting the next watering? How deep would be your roots and solid your foundation and beliefs? And what about up above, are you wide green leafs to shelter that which is below, or short and spiky for your own endurance and survival? Perhaps you pride yourself on bright beautiful flowers, blooming briefly for the attention of passersby? Or maybe you are a vine, clinging onto whatever is strong and near..

Seeds hardly get to choose their fate, unless of course there has been some deal made with the wind, or their planter. Though most often, they fall when it is time to fight it out; Against the elements and one another. Our situations aren’t so different when you think of it. We are all living creatures, with deep desire to survive and flourish. We want to make the most of our conditions and grow just like we can.

But very different from the seed that falls, we can sometimes choose where to plant our selves and even determine what we will grow into. This requires awareness. Awareness of our own self care and the conditions which surround. Rather than let these conditions dictate our growth and health, maybe we pluck ourselves from the current spot in search of more fertile soil. Or maybe we weed the area around us, ridding anything which suffocates our potential. And if we like where we are and have something genuine to offer this space back, we must spread our roots down deep and hold ground. Some trees last a long, long time…

Now is the time for open minds to respect the intricacy of the whole living world and to see growth everywhere. It really takes all types to make up one ecosystem, one planet. So choose what you will flower into, the role that you will play.

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