When Learning Feels Like Leaving

Some times things end, it is like we have to say goodbye. Thinking we can keep any thing forever is not right. We cannot and should not want to. The world around us is transient and any effort to hang on to these swirling things abound will only result in a big time dizzy spell.

Know that nothing is lost. Regardless of your ability to see it, the things you have loved and cherished in purity will stick in you for always.

I am getting ready to leave India…to leave my teacher. The past month has been every thing I could not have known to hope for. In this place and company I have been so secure, received inexplicable blessings and assurances and really glimpsed love; the string to hold all truth. Going away from this feels like loss, uncertainty and some things not nice at all. But through this illusion of insecurity lies some thing so much greater. Because it is not like all I have found here, stays here. It is in me, around me, at any moment in which to be tapped into. As sure as the next thought will rise, more than the sun & moon to spin, the love and assurance I have gained here will flow through me. It will simply take a little practice to remain in it’s Grace.

I have been given the tools for such a practice and am leaving more dedicated to them than ever before. Priceless tools that originated from this magical land and were passed to me by some so inspiring I can not even pretend doubt. These tools can look from the outside like stretching and breathing initially. Opening and letting go…this is the premise, the first step to the unending inner journey. Of course we address the body first, our main access point to what is truly sought after. The body work allows the mind to sort itself, slowly sure but none can deny the importance of a mind more steady and clear. Once the mind is pure it can be used as intended, a focused channel in pursuits of the one great truth. No I have not found it yet but I see some who have and they want me there too. So I want us all there and will do my part.

It seems like I am leaving India and my teachers, my friends, but I am taking inspiration, faith, devotion and confidence and will practice it for You.


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