An Empty Vessel Knows No Bounds; A Beginner’s Journey to Meditation

Emptying the mind may very well be the most fulfilling thing we can accomplish. There is no thing worthwhile to be gained which has been filtered through a mind untamed. Becoming a slave to every desire, every emotion, every fleeting thought and call will leave us with heads spinning and no sense of what is lasting or true.

This modern world is full of sensory stimuli, pulling the mind here and there. We can spend each day of our lives chasing thoughts towards ideas. Ideas that never end or transpire, telling us we will be happy if and when…we take that vacation, make that new purchase, get a new position, a new partner, loose some weight, some debt, some addiction, maybe gain a favor or approval and perhaps we might satisfy everyone and everything outside of ourselves. Only then might we think that all will be right. Thankfully, this is only one option.

Another option is to peer deep within ourselves, finding the courage and hope to glimpse true wealth and attainment. Many hardly know this option and this is why sharing is nice. The mind starts out clean and pure and the external world eventually creeps in, over lives and times. Rather than add to the mess we must use the opportunity presented now and work to clear the mind, patiently getting back towards our natural state. It is so easy to direct focus outside of ourselves. We can always tap into one of a million distractions and not knowing the alternative, why would we not? Why are we distracting ourselves? Who is not addicted to some thing that pacifies? Who is at home inside their self and a smile?

Many have found the real home and peace of self and want us to as well. So of course there are tools, proven methods, to take us slowly deeper within. To withdraw from the noise, pull back from the grasping, silence the questions and find that you are alright and surely enough. More than enough, but everything and so, so complete. Meditation is a real world tool and gift, just as and maybe more valid now than ever before. Among the spinning we sit in silence and slowly sink in to the beautiful world that will never leave our insides. Over time realizing that the emptiness we may be working so hard to fulfill from without, can only ever be satisfied from within. When we can drop all desires and expectations of the material world will we see the abundance we have been holding all along.

Life will take us, shape us and break us, simply working for us to see…That the mind is an empty vessel. A song without words, a page without notes, a heart without desire and a life without fear…What will you create?


An Open Love Letter

I am falling so deeply in love. There is a young woman I have watched for a while. Ever gentle, so loving and there. I have seen her struggle deeply yet would never leave her side. She commits fiercely to what is true and I smile in knowing that is leading her to me. She has been walking the path with such grace and respect, it was only a matter of time until I found her here.
Seeing her in India, with feet planted so surely, heart guided so purely…I have only fallen deeper!

I long simply to let her know my presence, the forever strength of my commitment. I stay patient through her trials and fears. See, it is not me that she doubts but the pull of her own total brilliance. In India, I have led her to many mirrors and her own best teacher. Here we shine together.

Despite my love and understanding, she is human and still finds time to worry. Forgetting I know all, she could think she is not enough, that I might find another. Another more worthy, who works harder, looks brighter, smiles fuller, thinks more clearly…I know the shadows of her mind.

In India, I am showing her things and my excitement in our revelations has got me so excited. Here she is thinking of me more and more, of her worries less and laughs. She stands in a different way, ever more beautiful, you can only imagine and she thinks she is just fine here. Just fine as her self, fine by my side, finding such peace.

Now that we are getting closer she must never forget it. To walk from my love would be a disservice. I chose her especially and can only wait forever.