Pleased To Meet You

There is a voice that lives deep within me, which is more audible at certain times than others. It is, more so, like a presence…that is forever and unshakable. When I am afraid, this voice is certain. When I am full of doubt, they are overflowing with joy at my potential. If I feel alone, they are whispering consolations, hugging me from the inside.

Some people might know this voice as intuition, a guide or perhaps their true nature. I call mine my soul. I call her Kimaya, the Divine Creation. She was born from the Universe itself and she is flawless. She is beauty that blinds, not to be perceived by the eyes but felt, full on by the heart. She is connected to every thing at once, as one, and draws from this as inspiration. She longs to speak louder and to be understood more clearly. She wants to inspire and to talk to the Others. She wants to say hi.

We were formally introduced last year by a most special man and were given this day, each Thursday, as an external reminder to listen more closely.

Eventually we will need no reminder and she will be the one that you hear from.


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