Pleased To Meet You

There is a voice that lives deep within me, which is more audible at certain times than others. It is, more so, like a presence…that is forever and unshakable. When I am afraid, this voice is certain. When I am full of doubt, they are overflowing with joy at my potential. If I feel alone, they are whispering consolations, hugging me from the inside.

Some people might know this voice as intuition, a guide or perhaps their true nature. I call mine my soul. I call her Kimaya, the Divine Creation. She was born from the Universe itself and she is flawless. She is beauty that blinds, not to be perceived by the eyes but felt, full on by the heart. She is connected to every thing at once, as one, and draws from this as inspiration. She longs to speak louder and to be understood more clearly. She wants to inspire and to talk to the Others. She wants to say hi.

We were formally introduced last year by a most special man and were given this day, each Thursday, as an external reminder to listen more closely.

Eventually we will need no reminder and she will be the one that you hear from.


Found On The Trails

Lately, I have been walking. The beautiful fall weather and nearby park provide an ideal setting to explore. So I head out and make my way to the edge of the park and venture off into these trails. I look forward to arriving at this point, the highlight no doubt, is stepping off of the paved path into the woods. Light sneaks in through the tall trees and any route is possible really. The river flows alongside me, it’s rushing sound a constant as I catch glimpses of it here and there.

Then, not too far in, things change a bit. The forest grows darker and the trails seem greater in number, though less pronounced. Each little sound could mean anything, and I get really scared. I turn back to the more public paths in the park as I make my way home, contemplating the basis of such deep fear. I have heard stories of coyotes, cougars, killer squirrels…whatever. But I love being in there, am drawn to continue forward, until my mind gets the better of me and I abide by it.

This morning, before heading out, I decided to ask someone about the probability of animals in these woods. My Guru is a very insightful man and I trust him completely. When asked, he told me that the animal was in my head. Alright, this was what I suspected and no longer had reason not to carry on with these daily mini adventures.

On the way to the park, I often take a little shortcut through a path that starts just near my home. I have been on it many times before and know it well. It was cleared by humans and many frequent it. As I came out on the other side, there was a woman just standing there with her tiny dog, looking so uncertain. She asked me somewhat frantically if it was scary to walk that path alone. I smiled and responded by saying, of course not! She seemed so reassured as we went our separate ways and as I walked on, was initially thinking what a silly lady…And quickly caught myself, smiling hugely at this Divine message and my own silly fears.

Standing a little taller and walking a little faster, I made my way towards the magic forest. A rush of emotion and thought swept over me, the deeper in I went. I felt my Guru take my hand and say to let us keep going. The mind can be so strong, but Faith is stronger. I knew I would be alright no matter what, as we are never really walking alone.

The unknown can cause such anxiety and fear, but why? Don’t we know that our highest nature is always protected and unchanged? That the state of fear is more crippling that any experience we might encounter?

I have been coming into my Faith. It is more powerful than anything. And honestly, I actually love wild animals so much, the predators. Once I read a fact based novel on the nature of coyotes and thought they seemed incredible, very misunderstood. I wouldn’t even mind seeing one.