Fall, Keep Walking

I see the huge wall I have been keeping between us. There are much deeper and more phenomenal places we shall begin to venture. I have kept us in one pocket, which shows the focus, yet we have other places to be. Places where we fly with winged sea creatures and sparkly eyes which hint, come, let us see…We have deep caves to peer into, like some depths of the mind, guarded by the uglies who will surely fight us, fearful of the exposure we must be brave enough to commit to. We must also consider the others, their roles upon the path; the lions, the lovers, the rocks…what we have sought and found for growth. Eventually, we will strip all of humanness and remember our wings and our eyes facing upwards, we keep on trying to go home. Someone is calling, but it is a different name so I do not know our worth, yet the voice, it is love and why do not we try to meet them?


I hear this

They call my name. Someone laughs at me. I will fight him. Who ever said I was weak? I will actually fight my whole way home. But will they forgive me and my unrightful thinking? What does fighting truly mean? Let us call it embracing, welcoming, passing through it all. This I do. Words to be so easily misdirected and misunderstood. Who cares but the reader, but the writer? But the fighter…I am he and we are me and what do words truly mean other than the response they elicit? Who cares what I say, what I write, but anyone. One mess of feeling, core truth… FIGHT for it.


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