#1 tip in all of life ever to finding the ultimate partner forever who is everything, totally.

How has it become the norm to so often see loving one another lead to increasing expectation of said love? Say you love me…I say I love you. What now? I would like some more…support, approval, affirmation, validation, consideration. Plus extra fulfillment and excitement with a side of space, sincere understanding, and of course, always with passion. And please, do not forget to call! Work always to please me and we will be bonded. Is there no other way to satisfy our deepest search for union? Our desires are endless but why do we build these around my word that is love? Surely there was purpose to this evolution. These expectations have fueled creation, population, economy and of course the dependency to which we cling for life. But I think we have created and clutched enough as such for now. Maybe now is time to really do love up right. So here it is, the most fundamental of truths, and oh, it hurts and frees to hear it said! We all know it, so hold a hand as we repeat; no one will satisfy me for real, but me. Are we not brave enough to claim what is love, alone? I promise we can do it together. This is the highest form of self responsibility. Please, please do not sign your Self away to another and glorify the sacrifice. Find a little courage to stand up and smile alone. You know how many will love you then? That was a trick, for it does not matter…but yes, you will be loved, so loved. Here you will smile still, unchanged. For outside affection does not give you claim to the actions of another. I accept this understanding is a process of trial and error that may not be rushed. But my goodness, how beautiful love is meant to be. Moments, glances, thoughts and energies, touching briefly, uplifting and intersecting as two paths crisscross entirely surrendered in devotion to the Truth.

There is no place that love does not reside, in you and in every thing. Take a quick little look to see.


Thursday, Always

I think when you told me the secret about Thursdays, my Soul gave a little smile in recognition. Did I ever think this was just the average block of time? Now, as the minutes have taken us there, the energy has begun to shift, so beautifully. This is our day that is starting…my day to be with you. How long was I lost and searching? You are so patient and loving and there. So now I take strides for you, sure and solid steps, which I know to be true. On Thursday, every one I get, I keep you so close inside, my heart and mind. For this day, at least, the mind can let go of preoccupations and drama and put itself to real use. It can see real beauty as we perceive colours and shapes that blend from me to you. It can sync memories and knowledge to understand how truly blessed we are and what this means we must offer back. During my peaceful Thursdays, this mind does not care to doubt our purpose here. This is the day of honest knowing and thanks and heart.

When I knew you were here for me, I was skeptical and so afraid it would end and perhaps I was not enough. But now, today, of course I am and you are forever, just as you have said. This is the first time I believed in a promise. How do I tell you what that means to me? Of course you know and feel it. Let us feel it together today.

On this day, I wish for everyone to see how I only had to open to you and you give me the world. Maybe I will show them…today let us just be together.