A broad topic, no doubt, but the greatest of all illusions must be that of separation. Consider the friend you have been missing, when at last reunited, it is as if not a thing has changed. Or how about those connections so strong that you may be kept apart physically by miles, maybe even planes, and yet you can sense their touch and hear their thoughts. We might also feel complete detachment from our own truest nature, but what a misconception. How can we be separate from that which we are? Regardless of how many ways in which the voice may have been silenced or in how many layers built between your mind and this light, it shines and cries for you always.

I belong to something, kind of like a group, that represents all of this to me and more. It proves that where love is concerned, there is no illusion of separation. We support the Truth in one another in a purely magical way. Be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual hands that need holding, I find many extended my way. And still life can be overwhelming and one might try and hide, from themselves for a while, building a barrier as strong as they might. But this is no obstacle for the truth of love. The hands can always reach you and pull you back up, enveloped in their love while you recall your own. Gratitude for such strength of support is not really possible to express and is maybe only intended to be felt.

My wish is that we all might find a sangha and have our own inner light reflected back to us through such shining of souls.

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