Tonight I was informed that this word, sublimation, is not adequately translated from the Spanish to the English language. My speaker chose ‘transcendence’ instead and it is true, it carried more weight. Though after looking up the meaning, I have decided I prefer the former. Sublimation describes that transitional phase of a solid substance to it’s more fluid or gaseous state. In the spiritual sense, this is beautiful.

At the meditation tonight I sensed my soul, trying to climb out of my body. It was sweet really, the struggle. So patience is a virtue I know I am meant to cultivate. Another time, perhaps. Meditation is quite new, and entirely appealing, to me. Naturally, when spotting a sign for Crucial Mediation while wandering around the Plaza des Armas the other day, I knew I would be there. And tonight, I was. I climbed the stairs, grown over with branches, to the Mother Earth Healing Centre and met the Shaman, sweeping the floor. I was early, so he swept and hummed as I read and swayed, mutually enjoying the energetic exchange. I was not completely comfortable but wanted the experience, as it goes. We sat while waiting as he explained the importance of causality; an equal reaction for every action and the connection between all things. How refreshing to hear these ideas mirrored back to me so frequently now, after years of searching for simple truth. He gave so much information in so little time, the marking of a true teacher. All I could think of was my own favourite teacher and the similarities between their ideas, how they might relate. A couple other locals joined and we began. The prayers and chanting were all in Spanish but the meanings were for individual interpretation and I had no problem finding mine. There is a place where we all meet and to this party we bring nothing but our Selves. All these earthly attachments we grasp so tightly hold no weight as we transition to the higher planes. Upon first glance it does seem a lonely journey, but what an illusion this is. Everything is here for us to use in evolution said this Shaman. Play the game completely says my true teacher. I smile. There really is unity where we seek it.

This is why I cherish spiritual gatherings, in whatever sense, so deeply. In essence, we do walk the path alone, but support is everywhere, be it in solid or boundless form. As soon as we start holding our Selves accountable for all actions, this is when the true guidance arrives. The time of division is past as the world begins to unite on all levels. Science continues to support the Divine and we can no longer justify the wager of wars based upon fear and separation.

The meeting tonight was really nice and I was happy to make progress in my meditation. The most impactful scene was upon leaving. After talking with this man and eagerly hearing his message, I noticed what was painted on the wall. In the centre was the symbol of a new mystic emerging in South America to whom he kept referring and surrounding this were painted the symbols of various religions and sectors from around the world, united as one. He told me this mystic had added new words into the Spanish dictionary as some concepts are tough to convey, too vast for previously known words. People want proof and relatability. I do understand the desire to relate, though find proof to be so subjective. Truth is truth and every religion or belief is so obviously united and seeking the same entity.

Explanations aside, some things we just know.

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