Why do any of us move at all? Find the point in travel, be it a single step or a journey across the globe. A shift in perspective must be what is equally coveted, with true purpose being to learn. Finding myself here, lacking comfort and familiarity, it is interesting to think these moments were so eagerly anticipated. Peru is not luxurious. Nor is especially relaxing or peaceful. It is, no doubt, eye opening. Now, this is the true desire. To have images burned into the being that serve in the development of highest Self. This is my journey now, that of spiritual evolution.

The days and nights have been passed very closely alongside the one I cannot seem to relate to, yet owe so much…everything really, if I am being entirely honest. This challenge seems indulgent and insignificant compared to all I have been witnessing, yet has been my most frustrating of struggles since she birthed me. While daily I attempt to console the tears of children without mothers to blame, I know I am learning. Working the days with those whom I do not share a language creates barriers. Thankfully I have long since been interested in subtle communication and equally long since, drawn to the muted and most broken of souls. Does it matter why?

Not all here is hopeless…not in the least. Perspective, yes? Love and survival exist inclusively on our earth and there are hardly workings more beautiful. The beauty within the struggle; What more is there than this? Earlier, while fighting my own demons amidst a sea of desperation, I came upon the most majestic of churches, at five minutes to evening mass. Sometimes your feet just know where to take you, and we stumbled right in. The energy was immediately overwhelming in this ancient house. I barely know the language, nor have I yet to learn the countless stories, but God is absolutely universal. Here, for one hour, nothing reached me but the Divine. I hardly know churches, but believe they might all be so special.

So tonight I affirm that wherever we may travel, we are never far from the source. You carry your heart and all it contains regardless, so just keep moving and seeing as it expands towards home.


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